Seiki Digital SE50UY04 50-Inch 4K UHD 120Hz LED HDTV

Seiki Digital SE50UY04 50-Inch 4K Welcome to where we will be giving you an overview of the best 4K TV’s that are available online and some of the features as well as sharing with you where you can find the best price.

What Is In It For You?

The Seiki Digital SE50UY04 50-Inch 4K UHD 120Hz LED HDTV is the best buy in its range as it will not burn a hole in your pocket. In addition, you get the very best discount and deal and also the best picture on this 4K TV.

Which Is Our Top Pick?

The Seiki Digital SE50UY04 50 Inch 4K TV is our ultimate top pick because you get an awesome picture, bags of features and the TV is significantly cheaper than others in the range. If you are in a rush and just want to check out one of the best 4K TV that money can buy, take a good look at the  Seiki Digital SE50UY04 50-Inch 4K UHD 120Hz LED HDTV.

The features of the Seiki Digital SE50UY04 50-Inch 4K UHD 120Hz LED HDTV:

•  Upscale HD to 4K

•  4K2K Resolution 4 times 1080p

•  One year replacement policy

Review of the Seiki Digital SE50UY04 50-Inch 4K UHD 120Hz LED HDTV:

The main concern that people might have with this 4K TV is that it is made by Seiki and of course that is not as branded as Sony.  This is REALLY a good buy TV if you compare the price of a similar model of Sony 4K TV that will cost you approximately three times the price.

The other good thing about the Seiki Digital SE50UY04 50-Inch 4K UHD 120Hz LED HDTV is that you get 30 Day FREE Tech support which will help you out if you are worried about the set up.

Picture of Seiki SE50UY04 50-Inch 4K:

You get one of the best pictures available today and you will be able to play your favourite games, movies and shows to life with a (3840 x 2160) 4K resolution! This will make a 1080p display look grainy in comparison. Another awesome thing that this TV does is give you high quality TV speakers that amplify the sound as you cannot have a 4K TV with a perfect picture and then bad sound so this TV has you covered there.

Easy To Set Up:

The Seiki Digital SE50UY04 50-Inch 4K UHD 120Hz LED HDTV is very easy to set up and has a screen menu that will allow you to set the timer, audio settings such as bass and treble and much more. If you want to get in on 4K early you will not find a better TV at this price!

Check out the Seiki Digital SE50UY04 50-Inch 4K UHD 120Hz LED HDTV at and you will be able to get financing and also you can save a further  29% off of this super 4K TV:

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There is also a special offer when you purchased  this SEIKI DIGITAL SE50UY04 50 INCH 4K TV  with 4 year TV Protection Plan on this product so it is worth picking up the SquareTrade 4-Year TV Protection Plan as well.

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Customer Reviews:

By Trevor Lowing:

Being first is difficult, especially when it comes to technology. The Seiki Digital SE50UY04 is the first reasonably priced 4K TV. “4k” is the new buzzword for LCD TV technology and the easiest way to understand what 4K means is that there 4 times as many pixels than HDTV/1080i. 4K means the LCD supports a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels and it is also sometimes called QFHD or Ultra HD.   Below I’ll outline the status of 4K technology but the summary description is that this TV is excellent but the price point may make it more suitable for console gamers, graphics designers, and “early adopters” who like to play with new technology. Two years from now 4K will come on most new TVs and media components but this is the first inexpensive 4K HDTV.

[Review] 10=Good, 1=Bad
Fit and Finish: 8
Picture Quality: 9
Sound quality: 7
Software: 7
Accessories: 6
Ease of Use: 7
Connections: 7

What you are getting here is an excellent basic Ultra DH TV and monitor. The basic fit and finish is elegant and minimal. The base seems to be real glass. The bezel is so thin it fits in the same space in my entertainment my 42″ plasma was occupying. The TV has basic controls and adjustment but this isn’t a smart TV. Read More At Amazon…

By Wayne:

The Seiki 4K TV’s are relatively new and have recently made some headlines with being one of the first manufacturers to build a 4K TV for a fraction of the price of the competition. There are many questions that I have such as what, if any, sacrifices were made to get such a low price, how does it work as a PC monitor, gaming possibilities, blu-ray, low-def content, etc. So let’s jump in and see how it does!


First thing to note is how the TV is being used. It’s in a medium sized Media/Game room that measures about 14′ x 13′, give or take a few inches. There are 2 windows with blackout curtains. And I’m normally sitting anywhere from 4 ft (at my desk) to 11 ft (couch) away. This room has a couple of computers, so it’s used as an office / game & media room (aka “man cave”).

The TV is only about 2″ deep and has thin ¾” border around the screen. However, there is a larger “base” at the bottom where the included stand mounts. This protrudes towards the back another 1″. It also only weighs about 50lbs. Read More Here…

By Clint Baxley:

Ok. I got this in the mail today and wasn’t sure if it would work with my hp dv7 laptop with an intel hd3000 graphics card (HDMI only out). When I first opened and connected to this monitor the resolution defaulted to a maximum of 1920×1080 @ 24 Hz. It was pretty sharp but the last TV I had was just as sharp at that resolution.

So I spent all day working with different modelines to try to manually get the resolutin right. The monitor was impressive and would display all kinds of modes between 1920×1080 and 3840×2160. BUT. They were all kind of blurry and would not have worked to program all day on.

Well after about 4 hours of working with random timings and resolutions I thought I would try xrandr with the 3840×2160 modes untill I found one that very closely matched an hsync of 30. I found the closest line that I could get to 30hz was:

root@dv7# cvt 3840 2160 13.8

# 3840×2160 13.79 Hz (CVT) hsync: 30.05 kHz; pclk: 144.25 MHz

Modeline “3840x2160_13.80” 144.25 3840 3944 4320 4800 2160 2163 2168 2180 -hsync +vsync

I guess you could find something closer but that was close enough. So I ran:

xrandr –newmode “3840x2160_13.80” 144.25 3840 3944 4320 4800 2160 2163 2168 2180 -hsync +vsync

xrandr –addmode HDMI1 “3840x2160_13.80” Read More At Amazon…

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